Buffalo David Bitton Tim Top Zip Shave Kit - BUF951402CA

Brand: Buffalo David Bitton


  • $35.00

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Buffalo Tim Top Zip Shave Kit; taking the complexity out of planning weekend getaways and organizing hygiene essentials. Conveniently store all your toiletries, like toothpaste, toothbrush, a razor, shaving cream, lotion, band aids, hair gel and more, in its spacious compartment. Finalize your packing with the zip top closure and front zip pocket, which also prevent unwanted leaks and spills from seeping out. Unpack your toiletries on a bathroom counter and arrange them to your liking. Buffalo Tim Top Zip Shave Kit was built to help you keep your toiletries coordinated during your travels.

  • Material made of PVC Exterior
  • Extra details include Colour Matched stiching
  • Sturdy metal zipper
  • 14.5 CM Side handle
  • Metal logo plate