Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Matte Red

Brand: Bridgestone Golf


  • $44.99

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The New E12 Contact Is Designed Specifically For Golfers Looking For Straight Distance Off The Tee. The New Flexativ Cover And Contact Force Dimple Combine To Control Spin And Increase Ball Velocity For Longer, Straighter Distance. Available In White, Matte Green, Matte Red And Matte Yellow.

  • 3-piece Surlyn cover
  • 326 New Contact Force Dimple
  • The New FLEXATiV cover is soft to control spin and repel quickly off the club face increasing ball velocity and distance
  • The New FLEXATiV cover and Contact Force dimple combine to control spin and increase ball velocity for longer, straighter distance
  • Straight Distance: Longer and straighter flight with driver
  • More Spin: Increased friction for better spin around the green