Air Canada Adaptor Plug Kit - ACP6238BK

Brand: Air Canada


  • $14.97

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The adventurer’s dream come true is here. Equip yourself for a worldwide travel experience with the Air Canada’s Adaptor Plug Kit. This adaptor kit has been engineered for travel on a global scale; allowing you to plug most appliances into most foreign outlets. It features adaptor plugs corresponding to most foreign destinations, including the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and North and South America. Easily keep your kit together by storing in the included travel pouch. Start fueling your love for travel, and your electronics and appliance essentials.

  • Allows you to plug most appliances into most foreign outlets
  • Coded to facilitate proper plug selection
  • Plugs for most global desinations in Europe, UK, Australia, Asia, Africa, Middle East and North and South America
  • Travel pouch included to store plugs