Maple Leaf Converter Adaptor Kit - MLT6235GY

Brand: Maple Leaf


  • $29.99

1-50 Units 51-149 Units 150+ Units MSRP
$22.80 $19.50 $17.30 $29.99 (C)

  • Complete, compact travel kit includes powerful 1600 watt converter to adjust foreign electic current to CDN and US appliances
  • Features 4 Country-coded adaptor plugs corresponding to global destinations in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and North and South America
  • Perfect for running most irons, hair dryers, and clothes steamers
  • Travel pouch, easy reference chart and replacement fuses included
  • WARNING: Do not use with power tools, hair straighteners or electronic circuitry (i.e. computers, fax machines, TVs, stereos, battery rechargers, etc.) Do not use converter for continuous, long periods of time. See instructions inside for more detailed information. Read instructions carefully before using.