Discovery #Mindblown Diy Space Weather Station Kit - DS7450AC19

Brand: Discovery


  • $35.00

1-50 Units : $33.40
51-149 Units : $28.50
150+ Units : $25.30

MSRP : $35.00

Monitor weather and water cycles! Build a weather station terrarium that supports plant life. Observe nature in action with greenhouse condensation, wind, temperature, and more!

  • Hands-on Learning: Explore in-home weather simulation with our all-in-one terrarium! Study water cycles from evaporation to condensation, plus learn about temperature, wind, even cultivate your own plant.
  • Fascinating Facts: Above the clouds. Clouds are created by the cycle of evaporation and condensation. Air contains water vapour which cannot be seen. When a kettle begins to boil water, it starts the process of evaporation. That means that water turns into steam, and is absorbed into the air. If you hold a cold plate over the steam as it leaves the kettle, the steam will condensate and turn back into water.
  • Includes instruction booklet for easy assembly.