Black Series Ultimate Tabletop Foosball Game - BL9685HB19

Brand: Black Series


  • $39.99

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1-50 Units : $22.10
51-149 Units : $18.90
150+ Units : $16.70

MSRP : $39.99

This classic, action-packed game in a convenient tabletop version is fast paced as ever in a scramble to score!

  • Wood grain finish with easy-grip handles
  • Game of Strategy: Team-against-team, in a race to be the first to score 9 goals. Goals are counted at each end of the fully detailed playing field.
  • Non-stop Action: Test your reflexes, speed and reaction times as you square off with your opponents to work the levers, spin the players, move the ball around, and score!
  • Two Teams: 12 players total, 6 to a team.
  • Stylishly Designed: Handsome faux-wood finish and easy-grip handles for portability.
  • Game includes 2 foosballs
  • Light assembly required