Maple Leaf World Wide Adapter Plug - ML1225GY

Brand: Maple Leaf


  • $24.99

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Engineered for global travel, this compact, all-in-one adaptor plug fits electric wall outlets in most commonly visited countries. Compatibility with most Canadian, U.S., British, and European appliances, as well as power converters and transformers. Surge protector fuse included. Contains 3 LED square plugs, 2 LED plugs, 2 round plugs, 2 oblique flat blades, 1 USB port.

  • A compact, all-in-one adaptor plug that fits electric wall outlets in most commonly visited countries
  • Works with CDN, U.S., British and European appliances
  • USB charger for mobile electronics
  • Can be used in conjunction with a power converter or transformer
  • For use with voltage converters, transformers, and dual wattage appliances
  • USB charger works on 110V or 220V AC to charge mobile electronics
  • Complete with surge protection